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The centre is well equipped with state of the art equipment to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality of care.


Pearsall Dental Centre aims to provide you with treatment that is of the highest quality by dental professionals that understand your individual treatment needs.


All products work to naturally enhance facial features, giving a long-lasting, yet non-permanent results.


We are well equipped to diagnosis of disease


Pearsall Medical center is the best center for foot problems for Children, Adults, Diabetics, Sports Podiatry and Orthotics/Arch Supports/Shoe Inserts.


We provide Dry Needling, Hydrotherapy, Manipulative, Sports Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Pre-op programs, Vertigo, Stabilising muscle function and Gym Consultations.


Pearsall Medical Centre aims to provide you with treatment that is of the highest quality by professionals.

After Hours Care

We pride ourselves in giving the best service possible, being able to offer same-day appointments and endeavour to ensure short waiting time.



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Special Offers

  • Anti-wrinkle injections – $9.50
  • 1st skin needling treatment – $99.00
  • Offers available until 14th February 2018

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(08) 9404 6234

4/155 Willespie Dr,

Pearsall WA 6065, Australia

Initial Consultation

Dr Joanna Gutfranska and Nurse Practitioner Helen Cunningham are pleased to announce the launch of Faces Cosmetic Clinic at Hocking Medical Centre.
Initial consultation will establish your suitability for anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, during this time our practitioners will develop a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.
At this consultation a deposit of $50 will be taken which will be deducted from the cost of your treatment at your next visit.
You are under no obligation to undergo treatment at this time.

Anti-wrinkle injections

$11.00 per unit

Indications for use:
Frown lines 16 – 24 units
Forehead lines 8 – 24 units
Crow’s feet 8 – 14 units
(approx. no. of units)

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can be used to reduce permanent wrinkles and restore volume to the face:
Cheeks – restore lost upper cheek volume from $499.00
Lips – redefine lip borders and increase volume from $299.00
Nasolabial fold and Marionette lines from $450.00


Dermapen ™ skin needling

Dermapen ™ has been proven to produce the same type of results as fractional laser without the pain, downtime,
expense and unnecessary thermal damage. This treatment induces natural collagen production treating acne, scarring,
reducing wrinkles, improving stretch marks, minimizing pore size and generally decreasing the appearance of ageing.
1 Treatment – $149.00
4 Treatments – $520.00

Meet Our Team



    MB. Bch. BAO. MICGP. RACGP. FPC. DCH. DOWH. MSC(Occ Health). MSC (Food Science)

    Dr Therese O’Reilly has been working as GP for many years in the west of Ireland, and more recently in Australia. She has experience in all aspects of Primary Care. Her special interests include women’s health, all aspects of contraception, and childhood health. She has extensive experience in chronic disease management, minor surgery, and in occupational health.

    Her interests outside of work include cycling, walking, and exploring the environment.




    Dr Steve Cohen has been a General Practitioner since 2003, having worked in England, Scotland and Adelaide before moving to Perth.

    As an experienced General Practitioner he is skilled in managing all aspects of family medicine, both physical and mental health problems, acute and long term conditions.

    He has special interests in chronic disease management, musculoskeletal medicine, cardiology and paediatrics.

    Outside of work, Steve enjoys cycling and travel.


    Prescribing Nurse

    Helen has gained extensive experience throughout her career. Undertaking a Masters Degree at Curtin University advancing her Nursing career to the level of Nurse Practitioner.

    Helen has a variety of special interests in acute and chronic disease management including Diabetes and Asthma. Incorporating Care Planning and Reviews.

    Helen is available for appointment Monday – Thursday for consultations covering a wide range of health care services. Comprehensive care to patients of all ages;Women’s Health including Contraceptive advice; Implanon insertion/removal; Pap smears; STI screening;Wound management;Repeat scripts;Medical Certificate;Immunisations ;Diet and Healthy Lifestyle advice. Helen is also part of a trained team offering Cosmetic procedures treating wrinkles and expression lines with Wrinkle Relaxers and Dermal Fillers.


    Prescribing Nurse


    I graduate from Ahvaz Jondishapour University of medical science in 2010.

    I have been in Australia since 2014.Interested in all aspect of general practice especially mental health. Chronic care. and skin check.

    Hobby: playing guitar, watching movie and travel.



    MB Bch BAO (National University of Ireland). MRCGP (England). FRACGP (Australia). Dip of practical dermatology (UK)(DPD). Dip. in the Faculty of Family Planning (DFFP). DP. Derm., DFFP

    Dr. Vinny is a General Practitioner and has a special a special interest in holistic family practice including all aspects of medicine.



    RACGP(Australia), MBcHB university of Leicester. MRCGP. Diploma of obstetrics and gynaecology. Diploma of family planning and sexualhealth.

    Dr Simone Altaf has been working in the UK as a GP for a number of years before moving to WA.

    She has an interest in all aspects of women’s health, child health, antenatal and post natal care including breast feeding. As well as family medicine chronic disease management and dermatology including minor surgery.



    Educated in Singapore and completed my Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1979. Spent 2 years in the National Service working with the Navy and the Singapore Air force as dentist. Hereafter went in private practice for another 2.5 years. At around year 1981, I joined the seminary and the Jesuit Order to complete my degrees in Philosophy and Theology. These studies and training allowed me therefore to work in the missionary. My longest stay in missionary work was in the Philippines.

    In 1994, after a period of more than 10 years I left missionary work and returned to Singapore to start my own practice. In 2006 I migrated to Australia, working as a dentist in Country Victoria. In 2014, I moved to Perth and resume working as dentist after my sabbatical leave ended in 2016. My hobbies are travels and the arts… classical music, ballet and painting.

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Mission & Vision

Pearsall Medical Centre, a health care facility owned and operated by professionals who have a passion for people and quality health care. Our medical centre has been operational since 1967 and are proud to be able to service the surrounding areas and are committed to staying the course towards our vision and mission.

The Vision

To always be a leader in health care and in the way services are accessed by and delivered to the community We are passionate about people and strive to be innovative and creative in our approach to community development as we seek to foster life long relationships with each one of our valued patients.

The Mission

The pursuit of our vision by a passion to always keep our patient on center stage and to deliver quality service, engaging strategic partners who share our vision and passion, constantly proceeding from what we do best, and in the process of carrying these out, align the interests of our employees, our professional staff and our shareholders with the interests of those we serve.

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